Dan Corder’s Viral Parody Song Is Getting South Africa Vaccinated

Date: Jul 19, 2021

5 Breakfast is getting the nation vaccinated through a hilarious song parody that Dan Corder wrote to the tune of Avril Lavigne’s iconic hit ‘Complicated’.

Dan realised that Avril’s record could be tweaked to become a perfect anthem that encourages people to get covid jabs. It is called ‘Get Vaccinated’, and now high school choirs and amateur and professional musicians across South Africa are doing their own covers of Dan’s rendition, to be played out on air! Many listeners are sending messages thanking 5FM for the song too, and saying that hearing the song gave them the encouragement they needed to get vaccinated. Even other radio stations in South Africa are covering the song.


Ali Dawson from Durban was the first to do an incredible acoustic cover of the song, which has now gone viral. She said,


“I first heard the vaccinated song on the Breakfast Show on Monday. I honestly thought the lyrics were so funny. I loved the light hearted take on something so serious. After a week of such mayhem this was exactly what we needed.”


And the lyrics are hilarious. Dan’s favourite part of his creation is:


Why’d you have to go and think this is complicated?

We see the way that anti-vaxxers don’t have facts, just

Get vaccinated

And covid sucks, you

You fall, and you crawl, and you break,

And you lose smell and taste, and you just don’t need to,

Honestly, just listen please, a quick vaccine would be life-saving

Oh, oh, oh


Dan is now calling on the country’s musicians to send their own renditions of his song to 5FM to be played on the radio and strengthen the movement to get the nation vaccinated through song, humour, and the power of radio. Musicians can also send in videos of their performances so the message can spread far and wide, on air and online.


Dan says he is just so delighted that 5FM is making a vital difference in the fight against COVID.


“It is so heartening to witness South Africans respond to this song with their own expressions of talent and passion, and to have music and radio inspire people to get vaccinated.”

Be sure to tune in to 5 Breakfast next week to hear more versions of the song.


dan's rendition of the song: Listen to Ali Dawson's version of the song here:

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