Dan Learns to Drive: Alley Docking & Incline

Dan Learns Part 1 of The Yard – Alley Docking & Incline Start

Join 5 Breakfast for a fun adventure with Suzuki as host Dan Corder learns to drive!


Yes, the host of the 5 Breakfast does not have his driver’s licence. After being extremely late for the show and not being able to book an e-hailing services, Dan has (finally) been convinced to learn how to drive.


Every week, the 5 Breakfast show with Suzuki is sharing a fun and entertaining update on Dan’s journey of getting a driver’s license.


This week, Dan is in the 5FM Yard and Dean the Driving Instructor is helping him learn all about alley docking (reversing into a demarcated parking bay and then driving out again) and incline starts (starting your vehicle on an incline and moving off smoothly without rolling backwards, stalling, jerking or spinning the wheels).


Watch here to see how it went:

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