5 Unscripted with Leah | Irreversible Vasectomy

Leah Jazz chats to Jag, who decided to get an irreversible vasectomy at age 29.

When Jag announced he had undergone an irreversible vasectomy, Twitter made his the most famous scrotum in the country. The conversation trended for two days while men and women wrapped their heads around what permanent sterilisation might mean.


5 After Hours' Leah Jazz sits down with Jag for an in-depth chat about some of the most common questions he was asked about the procedure and dispels some myths around what it means to have a vasectomy (spoiler: it’s not the same as castration).


Between bags of frozen peas on his crotch, Jag took some time to clear the air and advocate for the option that some men might not know they have available to them.


Watch the full chat here:

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