5 Extra: 30 years of Democracy

Date: Apr 1, 2024

Get ready to dance, to reminisce, relive and rediscover our country’s renowned history!

South Africa's democracy is turning 30 this April and 5FM is here for it! Each week on 5 Extra, we'll be dusting off the cobwebs and diving into our treasure trove of cassettes, CDs, Mp3s, and even sifting through our digital streams to celebrate each decade! Celebrating the first decade (1994-2004): From our formation of our constitution, to our music icons. Relive our sports milestones that affirmed our blood as green and gold. Learn about the birth of our national anthem that unites and empowers us all. In our second decade (2004-2014): Reminisce the moments when we got our crowns at the Oscars and Grammys, to leaving no one behind in the LGBTQIA + community.

When we came together to mourn Tata’s passing and when we hosted the world in our backyards. From traveling to outer space and beyond, to collecting our metals at the Olympics! Relive the memories from the third decade (2014-2024): From unearthing new, extinct human species in our own lands, to championing inclusivity of Sign language. Etching our history in banknotes, to making history with ‘Amapiano to the world’! advertorial 2 | P a g e At 5FM, music is our heartbeat, so get ready for a nostalgic journey through the ages!

Tune in daily at 5am or 5pm for the Top 5 at 5 for the hits of each decade and don't miss our special shoutouts to the legends who paved the way in with our ’94 Icon feature! We also know that we have some die-hard 5 Nation fans from way back when. If you stream 5 Extra this month for our 30 Years of Democracy Celebrations, you will also be able to catch some vintage vibes of 5FM! Whether you're familiar with some of the shows from back in the days or uncovering 5FM's legendary shows for the very first time, we’ve got it all for you! South Africa's democracy is turning 30, and with 5FM, the celebration never stops.

Get ready to dance, to reminisce, relive and rediscover our country’s renowned history!

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