5 Unscripted | 5FM Content Producers take us Behind-the-Scenes

Date: Dec 4, 2023

Watch the full episode here

5 Unscripted is an award-nominated weekly podcast series where 5FM chats to cool and interesting people, completely unscripted.

In this episode, discover the unheard voices shaping some of your favourite 5FM shows: content producers, Ayob Vania (5 Breakfast), Leshabe M Rampedi (5 Lunch), Aaron Masemola (The Roger Goode Show) and Masego (5 Weekend Breakfast).

With over two decades of collective experience, they spill some of the secrets of radio production, recounting epic stunts, and discussing the evolving landscape of new media challenging radio’s reign.

From their unique approaches to working with on-air talent, to exploring the emergence of new media, this insightful conversation is a must, especially for those passionate about radio content production!

Watch here:

Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)

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