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Date: Nov 28, 2016

Put Your Foot Down' is a unique South African social media campaign that encourages young and old to take a stand against sexual abuse and violence against children

People can take part by capturing photos of their feet, posting it on social media with the hashtag (#putyourfootdown or #sitjouvoetneer) and making a donation. The Put Your Foot Down campaign aims to raise funds for organisations that offer assistance specifically to victims of child sexual abuse.

The campaign was founded by KARA VAN DER MERWE (16) from Greyton who was inspired to take action after she played the role of a young victim of sexual abuse in the movie Dis ek, Anna – based on the bestseller
by Anchien Troskie.  Dis ek, Anna’s story deals with the sexual abuse of Anna Bruwer by her stepfather. Kara plays the role of Carli, Anna’s sister who also suffered abuse by the same perpetrator. The aim of this social media campaign is to reach out to children caught in a cycle of sexual abuse, this campaign sends a crucial message: they are not alone, there is help out there and many people care.

Kara not only wants to create awareness and support through this campaign, but she also wants to be a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.“Many cases of abuse never get reported, which means that these children never get help. You often hear adults say that it’s ‘just a child’ and that he or she can’t do anything. I disagree. Kids can do a lot! With this initiative I want to inspire young and old to make a difference,” says Kara. The Put Your Foot Down Foundation was started in July 2015.


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