What We Should Know About Women Reproductive Health With Dr Mpume Zande

Dan and the team chat with Dr Mpume Zande who helps to explain a couple essentials that all women need to know about their reproductive health.

We live in a world where unfortunately Women's bodies are often over sexualised and their reproductive health is stigmatized or considered taboo.
Dr Zande joins the breakfast team to help dispel some of these myths. She reminds us of the importance of having these conversations and shares 5 things that all women should know about their bodies.
"You cannot love what you don't understand," Dr Zande tells us.

We need to talk to not only the young women in our lives but also to the boys so they can understand what is happening to their female-bodied counterparts.

There is nothing more empowering for a young woman than simply understanding their period and what is happening on a monthly basis.
"You are a cyclical being, your body will change and do different things each month and that is completely normal".


Listen to the full interview below and tune in to 5 Breakfast weekdays from 6:00 - 9:00.

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