5 Unscripted with Stephanie | Alistair Mackay

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5 Unscripted is a podcast series where your favourite 5 Presenters sit down with interesting people and have a chat, completely unscripted.


#5MidMorning’s Stephanie Be sits down with author of "It Doesn't Have To Be This Way", Alistair Mackay.


“It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way” tells the story of three queer friends trying to navigate an increasingly fractured, violent and unstable world. Within a few short years, climate collapse leaves Cape Town an arid slum. Those who can afford to leave have fled to the New Temperate Zones, and to The Citadel on Signal Hill, ensconced in a climate-controlled dome behind The Wall. But at what cost? Here, residents pass their days lost in virtual reality, courtesy of a biotech implant connected to their minds, refusing to see what goes on all around them.


Alistair opens up about who inspires them, dives deeper into some of the book's themes and shares their love of writing.


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