Common Mental Health Issues That All Young Women Should Know About

Dan and the team chat with clinical psychologist Emily Knott about common mental health issues that affect young women everyday.

Following on our conversation about how 'Health' is often framed as a distinctly male experience  we chat about Mental health issues that face young women in South Africa with clinical psychologist Emily Knott.

Mental health is on the rise around the world and young women are a particularly high risk group. Women are twice as likely to develop depression, PTSD and even attempt suicide. Women are also three times more likely to develop an eating disorder. 

Social media has a massive role to play in contributing to the early sexualisation of girls as well as entrenching certain body image issues, commonly known as the 'Thin Ideal'.

Women are especially susceptible to mental issues for a whole host of reasons, biological, psychological and social issues have a role to play. 

The largest single group linked to PTSD are women. Mostly people think of PTSD as a war veteran's condition however this is not exclusively true.

Emily encourages young women to be aware of things and reach out for help if they feel they need it.


Listen to the full interview below and tune in to 5 Breakfast weekdays from 6:00 - 9:00.

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