5 Extra - Studify Exam Month Edition

Date: Nov 1, 2023

5FM's 5 Extra has your back!

Amid the hustle of exam season, maintaining focus and finding a reliable study buddy can be quite the challenge. But fear not, 5FM's 5 Extra has your back!


Say goodbye to exam stress with5 Extra-Studify, your ultimate study companion! Our handpicked playlists is set to create the perfect study vibe, helping you stay focus. We'll even gently remind you to take a 15-minute break, because we’ve got you, fam.


But that's not all! We've also included expert study tips to boost your productivity and conquer your exams. It's time to recharge and excel in your exams.


Simply open the 5FM app, available for free on your app store, and tap the 5 Extra tab.


Study smarter with 5 Extra-Studify.


Download the 5FM app:



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