5 Unscripted with Jodell Tantij | Keiko

Date: Jan 15, 2024

Watch the full episode here

5 Unscripted is 5FM's award-nominated weekly podcast series where presenters chat to cool and interesting people, completely unscripted.

It’s back to school for most provinces across the country and Jodell Tantij from 5 Weekend Early Mornings had a fun chat with Keiko, a 9-year-old student, ahead of starting grade three!

Keiko spills the beans on how she feels about going back to school, especially in a new place.

Dreaming big, she share her wishes to be the head girl and gives adorable advice to grade one kids!

She also shares her visions for a better world, her go-to dance moves when her favourite songs comes on, if she would swop places with her mum and the most important lesson that Keiko has learnt in her nine years.

Watch here:

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