Braai July

From the Aweh's go Jack Parow, to the Z's of Zanele and Zola - listen to some of your favourite culinary masters who give us their special recipes and tips for this year's #BraaiJuly

Keep warm this winter and come celebrate #BraaiJuly with the 5Drive team. Nick catches up with some of the country's top chef's and celebrities who enjoy a good braai! Whether you're looking for a new marinade, a vegan friendly idea for the grill, or just what to add to your next braai broodjie - take a listen to what the experts have to say

Awe! It's Jack Parow to kick off Braai July, the perfect food for any braai - boerewors

He's a friend of the show, and always ready to give a good tip for the braai, here's how to score the perfect piece of steak

Ever wanted to make something vegan friendly on the fire, The Lazy Makoti gives us the perfect recipe!

This top chef has her own school to prove it, today she gives us a lesson on how to do the perfect pork belly on the braai

Braai July wouldn't be complete without 'Cooking with Zanele', she gives us tips on her very own homemade marinade recipe

Nick goes back to his roots, chatting to Stellenbosch's finest, Chef Bertus gives the best burger recipe for the braai.

Ever wanted to try the marinade recipe of one of the country's top chef's, well now you can.

The hotter the better for today's guest, Katlego shares his spicy chimichurri recipe with the team

Zola shares her love for the braai with lamb chops of all shapes and sizes

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