16Truths: Kgaogelo Mojela

Date: Dec 7, 2016

I do not see myself as a survivor but a “HERO” or should I say a “SHERO”.

My story happened a long time ago and up to this stage it still pains me on how women would go to great lengths to keep quiet about what is happening in their lives.

I got married at the age of twenty five and gave birth to a son and four years later, a daughter. During my time, one would be told to respect your husband and his family and always keep quiet, even when things are so wrong.

I was physically, emotionally, sexually and socially abused. I went to fourteen marriage counsellors, pastors, social workers etc. It was only two out of this whole lot that said to me, “you are fighting a losing battle, this is not going to work, better get out now.”

Eventually, I left my now ex-husband, went to stay in a shelter for battered women, with the then six year old son and a two year old daughter. At the moment my daughter is a nurse by profession and my son is a sound engineer at Gear House.

All these years, people from church, the community and my work place, looked down upon me as a failure. Some of them actually told their children not to play with my children because my children do not have a father.  Others were so deliberate even at church to say, as a single woman, I should not talk to their husbands because I will take their husbands away from them. Since 1991, I decided to stay single, I improved my studies, whilst raising two children alone. No support from family. Friends saying bad things behind my back.

I have a B.A degree, B.Ed. (Honours) and I have just completed a Bachelor of Theology Degree recently.

I carried on, I am still single, I am happy. I value life. I respect human life. I do what I like, whatever, whenever. I do not owe anybody anything except love, even those who hurt me so much. As the saying goes; “do not judge a person unless you have walked in their shoes.”

God has been with me throughout all this journey, I put my trust in Him.

God bless you all!

Kgaogelo Motlalepula Josephine Mojela




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