5 Unscripted with Nick Archibald | CINIMIN

Date: Nov 27, 2023

Watch the full episode here

5 Unscripted is an award-nominated weekly podcast series where 5FM chats to cool and interesting people, completely unscripted.

In this episode, Nick Archibald from Top 40 on 5 and 5 Takeover, speaks to fellow 5FM presenters and DJ duo, record label owners, producers, unstoppable brothers, Kyle and Austin Cassim, together known as CINIMIN.

They delve into their incredible journey, wild adventures, and how they keep the party vibes rolling while juggling their non-stop careers. Kyle and Austin drop some beats on how they've conquered worldwide stages and reigned supreme in South Africa's music realm.

Nick unravels the roots of their obsession with performing, producing, and creating electrifying dance music., how family ties fuel their passion and the vital role kinship plays in their journey.

Watch here:

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