5 Unscripted with Harrison Mkhize | Siya Sangweni

Date: Feb 5, 2024

5 Unscripted with Harrison Mkhize | Siya Sangweni Watch the full episode here

5 Unscripted is 5FM's award-nominated weekly podcast series, where 5FM presenters chat to cool and interesting people, completely unscripted.

In this episode, Harrison Mkhize from 5 Weekend Nights has a captivating conversation with the multifaceted, Siya Sangweni.

Siya is a dynamic radio and TV producer, brand manager, and media personality.

He discusses the ups and downs of pursuing his dreams, revealing the challenges and triumphs of relocating from Durban to Johannesburg, and shares insights into his unique experience of entering the media industry straight out of high school.

Don't miss this inspiring dialogue that unveils the resilience and passion propelling Siya's career in the ever-evolving world of media!

Watch here:

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