Date: Oct 25, 2016

G-CAP (Great Cape Ambassadors Program) was established in 2013.

G-CAP (Great Cape Ambassadors Program) was established in 2013.

The program was established based on DJ Ready Dā€™s 23-year community development experience.

Outline of the initiative 

 We work with youth that are faced with many challenges like gang violence, drugs, etc. Many of these young people do not get to venture or interact with people outside of the community because of the situations that they encounter. 

The initiative also connects youth from different backgrounds in order to bridge the gap by building a non - racial and non - economic bias relationship among participants.

We give these kids the opportunity to experience motor sport and get them to be more aware of road safety through our linked #SR4A (Safer Roads For All) programs. 

Through the experience on the track and being guided by experienced drift and racing drivers - we encourage the youth to become pro active and put the pressure on friends and family members who are likely to engage in Illegal street racing. 

The program deals with life skills and matters of self-sustainability.

Based on the urgency to address the Illegal street racing fatalities, media interest in the project and the relationship with Killarney International Raceway - we have put in place school holiday programs. Youth are selected via our networks such as schools ā€“ churches ā€“ community organisations and car clubs.

Media Coverage 

Based on the coverage received via Media - TV - Radio and Online platforms - we estimate reaching close to 400 000 people during this phase of the project.



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