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Welcome to the most dangerous morning show in the country. This show is by far the most entertaining brunch time show this side of the rock. Msizi and Stephanie's sibling rivalry makes for hilarious radio.

Hailing from the opposite coasts (Msizi from Durban and Stephanie from Cape Town) their backgrounds couldn't be more different and these differences allow them to have some very compelling conversations and debates on air. This show allows listeners to have honest and flagrant conversations without being judged with features “Unpopular Opinion”. The show also has many feel-good moments with features like “Office Wars” which give people with a small to medium business an opportunity to advertise their business, after participating in a challenge. The show isn't just fun and games. It's also the place where you will hear the most interesting interviews, not just with celebrities but also some of the most interesting people in the world along with the hottest music and great conversation. It’s fun, funny and no-holds-barred. Let’s get after it!

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