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Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, aka, DJ Euphonik has been riding a wave of success over the past few years. With several hits under his belt, this sought after club DJ and entrepreneur’s star continues to rise.

His partnership with DJ Fresh under their mutual brand F.Eu, has grown exponentially since they first banded together in 2009. Their related projects and gigs have served to cement his status as a legend amongst DJ’s.

 “I hate working under red tape and 5FM has allowed me to take my knowledge and put it into radio and it’s amazing. All my music, all my topics and content on my show - I’m just myself. I speak the same way and have the same personality and more importantly I have great artistic freedom. I can go out and share music with millions of people.  The imagination of listeners is very powerful on radio - music and content are merged to get people’s imaginations going. The coolest thing about radio in my opinion is that you get to touch people’s lives in a different manner. Listeners create their own reality. I consider myself very fortunate to be on 5FM. From a creative, management, work ethic and work environment perspective, 5FM is one of the best places to be.”


Euphonik never intended to go into radio when he first started building a name for himself as a DJ. He describes how he was essentially thrown into the deep end with radio when a call came out the blue from 5FM offering him his own show. He actually turned down the offer to start with as he was more used to mixing than talking on-air. Euphonik considers radio to be a learning curve every day and he is determined to hone his on-air talent in 2010. “Everything else I think I’ve mastered: I’ve released all the CD’s I’ve wanted to which have sold platinum, I’m at the top of my game from a music perspective and I’m comfortable. I want to focus my time on getting radio 100% right this year...”


Euphonik has managed to keep level-headed despite the dizzying adoration of millions of fans: “I’m chilled and I don’t take it to heart. I’ve managed to stay down to earth and I certainly haven’t achieved all I want to yet. My family doesn’t give a damn about my success – I’m originally from Benoni and believe it or not my mom still makes me wash dishes when I go home. I also don’t hang around people who buy into the hype. 5FM is one big family – the DJs all help each other out and give each other tips.”


With a rock-solid reputation, rapidly growing fan base and an incredible amount of experience, skill and innovation, Euphonik (only in his mid twenties) is leading the way for a new generation of South African DJs.


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