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“I hate working under red tape and 5FM has allowed me to take my knowledge and put it into radio and it’s amazing. All my music, all my topics and content on my show - I’m just myself.

"I speak the same way and have the same personality and more importantly I have great artistic freedom. I can go out and share music with millions of people. The coolest thing about radio in my opinion is that you get to touch people’s lives in a different manner." 

Euphonik is currently riding a wave of success which looks set to snowball further over the next few years. He has already been chosen to open for major artists like Missy Elliott, Blu Cantrell, Mzekezeke and Zola and his partnership with DJ Fresh under their mutual brand F.Eu, related projects and gigs have served to cement his status as a legend amongst DJ’s.

The house  of  house music, Euphonik’s Sunday  night’s show,  is  an  opportunity  for the thousands of house  legions  and dedicated  fans  to  get  to  know  the  man  behind  the  personality. 


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