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Rob Forbes

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Intelligent, witty, easy-going by nature and an impressive music knowledge, Rob has a very relaxed on-air style that has earned him plenty of fans. He is always ready with a smart comment and a good laugh.

  • When I'm not on air, I . . . Am at home, being sat on by one of my cats.
  • When someone finds out what I do, or where I'm from, the question I always get asked is . . .  How do you remember to not swear when you’re on the radio? (Coz I swear. A LOT).
  • If I had a boat/yacht, I would name it . . . Bouyoncé. Or Ship Happens?
  • The most useless talent I have is . . .  I can balance a toothpick on the tip of another toothpick..? 
  • The one quote or saying some people spout that I think is complete BS is  . . . Everybody has the same 24 hours. Ugh!


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