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Nadia Romanos

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Nadia started off her newsreading career at campus radio and has also been a TV news reporter for some major events - including Madiba's funeral.

When Nadia’s not on air on the weekend breakfast shows, she

sells delicious and amazing baked goods  - mostly cupcakes,

•               What’s been your best and worst moment on-air? It's really difficult to choose just one best moment on air! I love hearing from listeners in general. I always feel honoured to hear from someone who takes time out of their day to listen to and contact us. Also... when Matthew Mole sang live in studio with his ukulele. He was brilliant. I got completely lost in the moment. It brought tears to my eyes! My worst was doing a live phone interview with a well-known actor once but my headphones stopped working mid-interview. I couldn't hear a thing the person was saying! Luckily I managed to get through the last few questions without anyone noticing.

•               Who would play you in a movie about your life and why? Emma Watson. I'm a huge fan! I grew up watching her in the Harry Potter films, I see parts of myself in her, we're similar ages, and I know she would do an amazing job.

•               My most overused saying/word is . . . "That's so cool!"

•               How do you like your coffee? In small doses... Not too strong, with one sugar and milk.

•               How do you Live Loud? I Live Loud by living in the moment. As long as I am having fun, staying true to myself and making the most of opportunities, I feel like I am living my best life!



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