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Nadia Romanos

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Nadia started off her newsreading career at campus radio and has also been a TV news reporter for some major events - including Madiba's funeral.

  • When I'm not on air, I . . . am working in social media marketing and baking cakes.
  • When someone finds out what I do, or where I'm from, the question I always get asked is . . . "Why do/don't you play *insert song here*?” 
  • If I had a boat/yacht, I would name it . . . Hedwig, after the owl in Harry Potter. 
  • The most useless talent I have is . . . Being able to do the moonwalk (sorta).
  • The one quote or saying some people spout that I think is complete BS is . . . “Sleep when you’re dead” - Pffft! You don’t have to NOT sleep to have a good time. I savour all the sleep I can get!


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