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Host of In Das we Trust show, every Sunday from 10PM to 1AM.

What’s been your best and worst moment on-air?

My best moment on air was having NOISIA on the show for an exclusive guest mix off their new album, accompanied by a 30-minute interview. They're quite simply some of the best music producers in the world, so their gracing my show honestly was one of the highlights of my year.

The worst moment I've had on air was an "almost" moment - technical issues meant that none of the pieces of planned content for my show were loaded onto the system, so the show almost didn't happen. Thankfully, my producer Ryan was there to save the day, and we pulled the whole 3-hour show off using a USB and some ingenuity.

Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?


I'd hope the person who'd play me in my biopic would be someone that could pull off my mannerisms and energy. In that sense, it'd have to someone a little weird. My current thinking is Rami Malek.

My most overused saying/word is . . .

"Wicked". It started as an ironic thing, then took over as my way of saying something is great. I should probably slow down on the usage of that one. :P

How to you like your coffee?

I like the coffee the same way I like my women. Cold and independently brewed. ��

How do you Live Loud?

For me, Living Loud means unapologetically surging forward through adversity and negativity to realise your dreams and ambitions. I've always stood up for what I believe is right, whilst remaining open to learning new things; that's how constant growth is possible.

I told myself, my family, and loved ones that I was to follow a path with music as the anchor-point, no matter what that would have taken to achieve, and kept fighting until that pipe dream became a reality.


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