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Gaby G has recently joined the coolest radio family in the country 5

Gaby G has recently joined the coolest radio family in the country 5! Prior to this she worked at  KFM and as an EWN Sports News reader. Her radio journey began in 2015 at a Campus station, MFM 92.6, in stunning little town of Stellenbosch. Gaby has dabbled in many areas of radio at campus level including presenting, music compiling and she was sports editor. She is based in Cape Town but grew up in Jozi, Gaby loves to laugh and finds the humour in almost everything, she can be described as loud and bubbly, despite her chilled, laid back vibe. When it comes to Sport and the Kardashians, this is your girl.


  • When I'm not on air, I . . . Am watching sport, series and spending time with friends and family.
  • When someone finds out what I do, or where I'm from, the question I always get asked is . . .  "do you choose your own music" NOOOOOOO we don't. 
  • If I had a boat/yacht, I would name it . . . Sexy Lexi or Lush Living
  • The most useless talent I have is . . . I have no such thing, #blessed. Jokes my most useless talent is remembering movie and show lines as well as pouring a great glass of brandy and coke (come to think of it, there is nothing useless about this). 
  • The one quote or saying some people spout that I think is complete BS is...
    "I support the All Blacks because they play a great brand of rugby"... BS you live in SA get behind the bokke.  


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