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Duran Collett

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The resident sports ginger and sport fanatic on 5FM who is passionate about radio and loves every day in studio and in front of a mic.

•         What’s been your best and worst moment on-air? Best moment is every time the mic goes on; and the day I joined DJ fresh. My worst moment was trying to read a sport bulletin that was set on fire by several colleagues who thought it would be funny as heck at a previous radio station. 


•         Who would play you in a movie about your life and why? Prince Harry for obvious reasons. Also Nicole Kidman was taken.  


•         My most overused saying/word is . . . Lekker and That's sick hey 


•         How do you like your coffee? With lots of milk no sugar sweetener if possible 


•         How do you Live Loud? By waking up at 245 every morning and taking it to the max , knowing that this opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime , making the most of each and everyday as if it were my last 


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