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Sibs Matiyela

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Sibs Mathiyela is our vibrant news reader on The Thabooty Drive. Weekdays from 3pm - 6pm

What’s been your best and worst moment on-air? My best on air moment actually happened recently. Carmen had unfortunately fallen ill and I was asked to stand in for her on Fresh@ 5 for 2 days. I was bugging out THE ENTIRE TIME... because working with THE DJ FRESH! Ammaright? I was pinching myself between bulletins no jokes. Those 2 days on air were basically a radio goal and dream come true for me. My worst moments on air happen more often than I'll ever admit. Reading the news requires you to deliver the story, whatever it may be, objectively and professionally. I'm actually very emo in real life and every time I have to relay a story about someone hurting children or really heinous hate crimes or gender based violence, it actually really hurts. 


•         Who would play you in a movie about your life and why? Hhhhmmm. Tough one. I'd say a combination of Tika Sumpter (who played Raina Thorpe in Gossip Girl), Aja Naomi King from How To Get Away With Murder and our very own Brenda Ngxoli! If we could combine their good looks, grace, strength, talent, humor, sincerity, vulnerability and Xhosa godessery (yes, I made that word up) to create a Captain Planet type actress then that's who would play me. And the movie would have to be a romantic comedy that takes place at Hogwarts. Because magic! *winks* 


•         My most overused saying/word is . . . Imagine! 


•         How do you like your coffee? Bottomless! 


•         How do you Live Loud? I live loud by exercising gratitude every day for everything I am and everything I have. I spent a lot of time when I was younger comparing myself and my journey to that of others around me and all that did was steal my joy and make me feel unattractive and like a big failure. Now, every day I wake up and remind myself that being me is enough, and pursuing things that bring me closer to peace and happiness and fulfilling my purpose, making an effort to move towards those things constantly, that's how I Live Loud. 


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