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Linda Mbuso

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Show(s): 5FM Nights

Relatively new to the 5FM family, Linda fits in to the family so naturally with his easy going nature and style of radio.

Besides his work as a radio host, Linda is an entrepreneur, TV presenter, columnist, Master of Ceremony, voice over artist and author, he  can be recognized as the epitome of the new age South African young adult.


•    What’s been your best and worst moment on-air? Best moment: Was when I with the rest of South Africa discovered that I can actually sing quite well. After losing the single or taken game the night before, I had to perform a song live on radio and to everyone’s surprise I did really well. Almost at professional singer level, to a point where I was even encouraged to enter SA's Got Talent! Worst Moment: Having to do the TinderView with an American accent. I really suck at it, and it seems everyone loves hearing my terrible accent so it’s always requested, but I really dislike it :( Each time I do it, feels like a part of my heart gets squished. 


•         Who would play you in a movie about your life and why? Marlon Wayans - He's got a really great look, and is incredibly funny. Those are two things I'd like to think I have too. I like his vibe, he is very professional, and he doesn't take things too seriously. I really enjoy his outlook on life and his quirky nature


•         My most overused saying/word is . . . Legit


•         How do you like your coffee? Black with one sugar


•         How do you Live Loud? Doing the most with what I got every day. Ensuring that I live as freely and widely as I can daily and spreading that energy and love to all those I'm able to connect with.



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