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Radio Presenter | TV host | Voice Artist


Host: 5 Early Mornings, Monday to Friday, 4 to 6 a.m.

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Karabo is a household name to South African audiences with a career spanning 18 years.

She hosts a weekday show on 5FM and a lifestyle TV show on DStv.

Karabo started her presenting career on the popular kiddies programme, YoTV, when she was only 11 years old, then went on to host a radio show on Voice of Wits, make the step up to another commercial station, and now 5FM.

She also freelances in digital strategy after working in the digital space for over 7 years.

She holds a BA Degree in Psychology from Wits University and an Honours in Strategic Brand Communications from Vega.

Karabo is an advocate for women's empowerment, mental health, and access to quality education and opportunities for young people in SA. She’s an avid reader, coffee lover, series junkie, and fitness enthusiast!


If you had to sum up yourself in 10 seconds, what would you say?

Super friendly, life of the party, kind, compassionate and just trying to show up as my best and most authentic self-every day!

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Pretoria, where the rest of my family is from, but raised in Johannesburg.

In which towns have you lived and where are you living currently?

Born in Atteridgeville, Pretoria, I grew up in Alberton and now live in Randburg.

Which languages can you speak?

Growing up in Joburg will have you learn as many languages as you can because of the diverse city it is, right? So, I am Tswana, but can understand pretty much most of all our official languages!

What are your favourite towns or cities visited in SA and abroad?

Cape Town truly has my heart when it comes to SA. Abroad, I really enjoyed NYC because of the way it reminded me of the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, Brussels for their waffles and chocolate (obviously), Paris because who wouldn’t love Paris, and Nairobi because Kenyans are just so friendly and welcoming. It reminded me so much of home and just how much I want to travel our continent.

What are your hobbies?

I have quite an insane book collection. I love the outdoors, so will hike on weekends or discover hidden gems just outside of the city. The pandemic turned me into quite the series and movie junkie and I absolutely love discovering new restaurants, because that’s what you do when you don’t cook much (eeeeeek!). Can twitter be a hobby? If so, add that to the list!!

What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Probably bungee jump which will take a lot of convincing to ever make me do that again! But what a beautiful, freeing feeling… even though doing it once is enough.

Which pets do you have, if any?

I pretty much grew up in apartments all my life so was never allowed to have pets. I still don’t have one now, but I owe it to my inner child to get a cute furry friend to take care of.

What’ll Google say you search for most often?

Recently got engaged so now its planning time. Everything in my search history and every ad google serves me is pretty much wedding related.

5 famous people, living or not, that you would have a kuier with?

Oprah, because of all the gems I’d walk away with. Rihanna, because she’s absolutely the coolest. Toni Morrison, so we can chat about every book of hers I’ve read. Kanye West, so I can hear him out. Brenda Fassie, what a legend, and she seems like she was just soooo much fun to be around!

Favourite movies and / or series of all time?

Pursuit of Happiness makes me cry every single time. Schitt’s Creek for the laughs.

Describe your home’s interior style?

I would describe it as urban modern. I’m such a city girl and you can see it in the way my home is decorated.  It’s modern, contemporary with touches of industrial influences with an emphasis on comfort and not sticking to the rules. I also love plants and artwork, so there’s lots of that in the mix.

Which hash tags best describe your fashion sense?

#Trendy #SimpleYetChic #ComfyAlways #GlamWhenNeccessary #SneakerGirlAtHeart

What is your ideal holiday, described in one line?

Ideally on a quiet island surrounded by calm and the never-ending blue of the ocean, bottomless cocktails and no cell phone reception, to really switch off.

Which things would you most want to learn to do?

I really need to learn to cook now because I’ve put off this very important life skill for long enough.

A hidden talent that you could probably get paid for:

I really give incredible advice, must be the Virgo in me, or that Psychology undergrad. But yes, definitely the friend everyone calls when they are stuck in a rut. I’m really good at voicing animations too, though - at least I’ve started getting paid for that!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Definitely stopping time. Some moments are just so incredible you don’t want time to pass at all. I would want to stop time and be in that state of happiness for as long as I can.

Which sports, if any, do you watch?

Pretty much all the sports my fiancé watches, which is pretty much everything! But my top 3 would be soccer, F1 and tennis. 

Which causes are you really passionate about?

Women empowerment, particularly young girls. Mental Health and access to help for those who cannot afford it. Access to quality education, particularly higher education for young people in SA. I think everyone deserves the opportunity to be skilled in what they are passionate about and make a living from it.

What are the top things on your bucket list?

Running my first half marathon. A trip to Croatia, since the world is open again. Starting an organisation that teaches young girls how to code, and other digital skills for the future that they wouldn’t usually be encouraged to pursue.

Which things in the world (and people) do you dislike?

I hate inequality. If we all had access to similar opportunities, men/ women, rich/ poor, I think a lot of our lives would be completely different. I hate it when people are not kind. People who look down on others because they believe they are better than them, or people who hate others for purely just being themselves, e.g., homophobia. If we were all just a little kinder to each other, the world would be a better place.

Which things make the world (and people) awesome?

Love. Kindness. Coffee. My family. And Wimpy cheeseburgers (I love those so so much and nobody gets it!!!!)

What’s your favourite thing about your 5FM gig?

5FM is such a dream come true! To get to set the tone for the day every single day is quite a responsibility, but so epic. I get to interact with people from all walks of life every day. Also, I’m a morning person so that helps a lot!


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