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Ryan is our resident DJ turned on air presenter who has given us some of the greatest mixes both on air and at our 5FM events. He is one of the foremost mix masters in the country and now hosts his own show, becoming part of The Weekender5.

What’s been your best and worst moment on-air?

My best: When I was called by DJ Fresh in 2012 announcing my win for the Ultimix Competition. 


My worst: Haven’t had one yet. (Touches wood) 

Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?

 A character that would play me in a movie would be John Galecki (Leonard) from The Big Bang Theory for the simple fact that my fiance and some of my in laws think that we are the same people when we have our specs on. Haha :)

My most overused saying/word is . . .

 My most overused word: Eish

How do you like your coffee?

My coffee: 2 sugars, not too strong.

How do you Live Loud?

I live loud by sharing good music to good people on the best radio station in the country!

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