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Ryan is our resident DJ turned on air presenter who has given us some of the greatest mixes both on air and at our 5FM events. He is one of the foremost mix masters in the country and now hosts his own show, becoming part of The Weekender5.

  • When I'm not on air, I . . . I am searching for the hottest new tunes, working on my DJ skills, prepping shows, watching series, eating out and being a good husband.


  • When someone finds out what I do, or where I'm from, the question I always get asked is . . . Do you do it for a living?


  • If I had a boat/yacht, I would name it . . . Terminator (long story) LOL!


  • The most useless talent I have is . . . Being able to make a perfect toasted cheese sandwich. 


  • The one quote or saying some people spout that I think is complete BS is . . . Sleep when you're dead" No, I need my sleep. Thank you :) 



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