Competition Rules

5FM General Competition Rules
Read 5FM's General Competition Rules here.

Competition Specific Terms and Conditions
All competitions being run on 5FM, whether on air or digitally, have certain Ts and Cs. For details, click the links below where you can view or download terms and conditions. Physical copies of the standard Ts and Cs and addendums are also available at SABC Radio Park Johannesburg Reception and 5FM Reception. 

Current Competitions 

ABSA Student Competition
Tinkies Competition
Secrets of Summer 09-10 Dec 2023
Mr D Black Friday Frenzy Competition - 20 Nov 2023
Hunters Refresh Competition - 02 May 2022 - 06 May 2022

Past Competitions

5 Drive SADC Tour - Eye Gene Competition - Ts &Cs
Handy Andy - Ts & Cs
Game 28 Black Fridays
Game Summer - I Know What You Did Last Summer 
5FM Birthday Ts &Cs
Heritage Tour flavored by Robertsons
The 5FM Keep - UpGame
Ultra Free Ticket Friday Ts & Cs
Takealot Blue Dot
Capsule Fest Ts & Cs
Festival de Mexico
Birthday celebration VIP 
Centbee's Win R5000 in Bitcoin
Comic Con Ts & Cs
Lenovo Legion Ts & Cs
Zam Buk Ts & Cs
Ultra SA Valentine's Giveaway
Ultra SA Free Ticket Friday
Lenovo Competition T's and C's
takealot T's and C's
Global Citizen Ticket Giveaway
5FM Birthday Ticket Giveaway
Thrive with 5
Sleepmasters Bed with a View
Debonairs Find Something Amazing
Join the Legion Today Only Competition
Festival of Motoring
Free Ticket Friday: Pinkie Fest
Steers I Got This Competition
Music Monday ft. Drake
The Sleepmasters I Woke Up Like This Competition
Music Monday ft. Eminem Blind Date
5FM Live Loud Mid-Year Break Competition Ts and Cs
It's Your Life with 1Life Competition Get the Gift Game
OUTvest Advice Stories
Steers #Kinging Competition
Kickstart Your Morning Competition
The Steers Kinging Competition
The Budget Insurance Bank
Free Ticket Friday: Red Bull Music Festival
Free Ticket Friday: elrow South Africa
Free Ticket Friday: elrow South Africa
Music Monday featuring Taylor Swift
Red Sparrow Ticket Giveaway
Guess the Legend
Free Ticket Friday: Faithless Fire Sale Game
Varsity Cup Monday Madness at Steers Competition
Free Ticket Friday: Ultra
Music Monday ft. Pink
New Year's, powered by 5FM, Ticket Giveaway
Free Ticket Friday: Ultra Cape Town 2018
Bank My Summer with Standard Bank
Paco Rabanne Win with Million Giveaway
Just Juice Ultimate Breakfast Life Hacks
Music Monday on 5FM ft. Ed Sheeran
Get Rage Ready Competition
Sound Factory Pass Giveaway
Easy Equities R1000 Giveaway
The 1st Time 5 Competition
Unleash Your Inner Captain on 5FM Nights Festive Competition
treadFEST Ticket Giveaway
Cross Culture Competition
Win a Trip to the Varsity Football Final
Cross Culture Music Festival Ticket Giveaway
The MTB Cycling or Not Challenge
Music Mondays on 5FM ft. Imagine Dragons 
Budget Insurance Buzzer Competition
Music Monday on 5FM ft. Drake
Telkom LIT Competition
Neon Run Competition Spring Break Up Sale Competition
Axe Find Your Magic Competition
Unleash Your Inner Captain of Fun
Detroit Ticket Giveaway
Be the Captain of Fun on The Roger Goode Show
#FindTheFit Competition
Live Loud Weekend Giveaway
Live Loud Mid-Year Break 5 - 7 July
Reinvent the Game with EDGE
Live Loud Mid-Year Break Ticket Giveaway 21 - 23 June
CNA Winter Hibernation Guide
Woolworths Pop Quiz 
#DearFluffos Competition
Flying Fish Street Cruise Competition
Free Ticket Friday - 14 April
Meet the Band Monday - 17 April
The Lumineers Free Ticket Friday
SunStream Competition
Steri Stumpie Competition
Can You Hear That Competition
The Pureau Competition
The Great Valentine's Day Gift Exchange
Castle Lite Unlock My Summer
Win a new Smart at Joburg Live Loud
Castle Lite Lime Bring That Extra Something Competition
Satrix The Most Thoughtful Gift Competition
SABC Summer Song of the Year
The Flying Fish Summer Flavour Immersive Experience
The Great Oh Ship Cabin Search on The Forbes & Fix Show
Budget Insurance Wheel Decide
Party Like a Rock Star with Jose Cuervo
The Great Oh Ship Cabin Search
Savanna Got Apples Competition
The Hisense Games
Liberado Competition
MINI Step Select
Budget Insurance Sounds Like Trouble Competition
The Great Oh Ship Cabin Search on The Thando Thabooty Show
Fresh Pops the Question
Schick Hydro 5 Smooth Moves Competition
Nestlé Heart Warmer Competition
The Great Oh Ship Cabin Search on Freshat5
Nestlé Heart Warmer
Tomorrowland Competition
Vodacom Durban July
Go Play Anywhere You Want Competition
CTI and Pearson Institute What Would You Rather Competition
Nestle Smile Moments Competition - July
Samsung #ThisIsMe Competition
Pringles Mexico Competition
Live Loud Youth Fest Competition
Big Up to the Nestlé Legends
Flying Fish Competition Today is the Day Competition
Small Town Live Loud Competition
The Lunch Bar Competition
Nora En Pure Giveaway
In the Nicki of Time on The Thando Thabooty Show
The Budget Insurance Big Budget Buy Back
The Bioplus Bionic Brain Game March
The Hunter's Competition
The Pureau Competition
Minaj-a-Trois Competition
The Lenovo Goodweird Competition
The Traffic Jam Remixed by Malibu
Bioplus Bionic Brain Game
The Ultra 5 Second Challenge
Love Sucks Competition
Happy Hour Party at Bassline Ticket Giveaway
The Most Un-Awesome Job Competition Ts and Cs
(Mentorship)5 with Vega School of Brand Leadership Ts and Cs
The Roger Goode Show's Got Talent Ts and Cs
SABC Song of the Year Ts and Cs
The SummerTones Competition Ts and Cs
Buzzword Competition Ts and Cs
Woolworths Through the Ears of a Child Competition Ts and Cs Mother Christmas Motherload Competition Ts and Cs
Budget Insurance Wheel Decide Competition Ts and Cs
OrderIn Competition Ts and Cs 
5FM Live Loud Birthday Party in a Box Giveaway Ts and Cs 26 Oct - 1 Nov
Oh Ship Competition Ts and Cs RGS
1D Sessions Competition Ts and Cs
City Lodge Competition Ts and Cs
5FM Live Loud Birthday Fresh at Five Tattoo Giveaway Ts and Cs
Guess the Extreme Scenario Competition Ts and Cs
VITC Where in the City Competition Ts and Cs
Oh Ship 4 Competition Ts and Cs - Forbes and Fix
Budget Insurance Wheel Decide Competition Ts and Cs
VITC Who's in the City Competition Ts and Cs
Canal Walk Warrior Women Competition Ts and Cs
takealot Sept Competition Ts and Cs
Woolworths Pharrell Hand Pledge Competition Ts and Cs
Flying Fish Beer Give Away Ts and Cs
Strong Girl
Redbull X Fighters Competition Ts and Cs
Sounds that Save
How Well Do You Know Pharrell Competition Ts and Cs
Joburg Live Loud Listen and Win Competition Ts and Cs
Lake of Stars Competition Ts and Cs
takealot Big Deal Reveal Competition Ts and Cs
The Flying Fish Challenge Ts and Cs
Oh Ship Ts and Cs
Take-a-lot Hot Hot Cold
Stimerol X-Fresh
SNAPnSAVE Memory Game
Oh Ship!! 4 Ts and Cs
Sony Xperia Ts and Cs
Savannah Ts and Cs
Takealot Ts and Cs
Nestle Chocfest Ts and Cs
Jurassic World Ts and Cs
15 Seconds of Fame Ts and Cs
Youth Day Skate Ts and Cs
George Ezra Ts and Cs

Castle Light Ts and Cs
Rihanna Competition Ts and Cs
Ster Kinekor Mortal Kombat Ts and Cs
Goldfish Submerged Ts and Cs
Aero Let Go Ts and Cs
Virgin Active Ts and Cs
Hunters Beat The Thirst Ts and Cs
Pureau Competition Ts and Cs
Lunchbar Competition Ts and Cs
Nissan Eliminator Challenge Ts and Cs
One Direction Competition Ts and Cs


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